Our mission embraces elegance, luxury, and legacy.



Crotchet is timeless. It carries with it the unparalleled richness of the human touch. Crochet can only be done by hand and cannot be replicated by any machine.

Soulmates is a fashion brand that celebrates a unique and complex tradition that originates from Zhejiang, China. Today, Soulmates Signature Crotchet is still made by hand in this hilly green province along the East China Sea by skilled artisans who call this land home. Our uniquely inspired designs seek to preserve a complex tradition and to promote prosperity in the region by supporting generations of craftspersons.

We design for women who are captivated by details and inspired by artisanal luxury. We design for the woman seeking a special and distinctive garment, that One Dress made just for her so that she can proudly step into the spotlight.






The Origins and Creation of Soulmates Signature Crotchet

Zhejiang is a coastal province whose development and growth has long been tied to the production and artistry of silks.  Generations ago, it is here that local artisans invented this unique style of crotchet to be used as a special decoration for weddings, celebration of the new year, and other times of ceremonious occasions.


The complex art begins when strips of silk are hand cut from sheets of luxe silk chamois. Strong but luxuriously soft ribbons are made, flattened, and then sewn stich-by-stich onto individually patterned wax paper where ornate floral shapes are born then delicately crotched together to form the signature “fabric” of our designs. Once the dresses are assembled, the pattern is removed and individual beads are carefully affixed.